Editing & Proofreading

I work with international companies to raise the standard of English in their print and online communications.

As an editor and proofreader, I work on publications, websites, marketing copy, funding applications, multilingual programmes, brochures, presentations, and other texts where correct grammar and clear language make a difference.

I often work on material produced by non-native English speakers, and do final polishing work on professionally translated texts. I also specialise in rescuing writing that’s been put through Google Translate.

Some companies and organisations I’ve worked with:

Some things I typically work on:

  • Performing ‘website checks’ for companies looking to improve their international marketing, focusing on language polishing, grammar fixes, and style consistency.
  • Helping festivals to refine copy they receive from programmed artists and companies (particularly to resolve issues around difficult translations of abstract ideas).
  • Working with organisations to perfect key materials, such as print brochures and flyers, where mistakes are costly.
  • Developing editorial style guides and checklists that organisations can use to improve their own style consistency.
  • Raising the level of reports, evaluations, applications and other formal documents that rely on making clear and persuasive arguments.

I love doing this kind of work, and few things give me more pleasure than a well-turned sentence.

If you have a text that you’d like checked over you can send me a sample on johnrellingsworth@gmail.com and I’ll see what’s up. I typically reply within 24 hours.


“I love working with John; he’s so knowledgeable on the performing arts and on overarching issues in the cultural field. He can edit all sorts of texts, from academic papers to conference programmes, artistic dossiers to newsletters! Such a unique expertise and always making time for last-minute proofreading. It feels good to have such a reliable professional by our side.”
Yohann Floch, Programme Coordinator, Dansehallerne

“John is a very clever editor. He knows what he’s doing but also why he’s doing it: he makes your texts comprehensible and easy to read, of course, but also gives substantive suggestions to improve your project or idea. In the age of Google Translate and online text correction that’s an incredible added value. Moreover, one of the most important professional attributes: John is very responsive and punctual. He always answers emails within a day and he respects deadlines. I love it!”
Maarten Verhelst, Head of Communications, Circuscentrum

“I had the privilege to collaborate with John when he proofread and edited the English editions of my books Introduction to Contemporary Circus and Conversations on Circus Teaching. His professional and focused work transformed my texts, making them clearer and more specific, and the language richer and more fluent.”
Tomi Purovaara, Author